Shared website hosting is an affordable and easy way for small businesses to get their website on the web. Think of web hosting the same way that you think of living. You can choose to buy house that you can do what you want to it, and even rent it out to other people and become a landlord. Shared hosting is in a sense the same thing for your website. I'm the landlord and I have an apartment building with vacant apartments for rent for your website.

Just like you need to follow the rules of an apartment building and respect others living in the building the same is true with shared hosting. You may at times come accrossed a website that is also hosted on my servers. Or your good friend may also be getting hosting threw me. Just the same as if you were living in an apartment building.

Just like when looking for a new apartment to live in you will want to get all the information about where you will be living. The same is true for shared web hosting. The account will be your to host what ever type of site you want, as long as the account you have with me supports the things your site needs. And just like how the person who pays the rent is the person who's name will be on the apartment and is responsible for anything that happens in the apartment the same will be true with your hosting account.

What Your Account Comes WIth

  • 4000MB Space
  • 8000MB Bandwidth
  • 1 cPanel Account
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Vanity E-Mail Accounts

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